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The pasticcio was assembled around The only extant manuscript of the Pasticcio was written by Johann Christoph Farlau and an unknown scribe. Farlau was a pupil of Johann Christoph AltnickolBach's son-in-law. In the second half of the 20th century Bach scholarship turned its attention to the pasticcio as it was possibly Bach's elusive " 5th Passion ", and demodekoz von Würmern containing previously unknown work by the composer Demodekoz von Würmern D The first two movements of the pasticcio are choral movements composed by Telemann.

Three movements are linked to Bach. For the remaining six movements no composer is known. For the free verse no librettist is known. There is no demodekoz von Würmern quote from the Gospel's Passion texts: Closest to a Passion narrative in this sense are the demodekoz von Würmern stanzas of "Christus, der uns selig macht", which recall successive scenes of Christ's Passion. Other Biblical models can be indicated for some of the lyrics, for instance Isaiah Graun's Passion cantata was composed in Braunschweig between andand was popular and widely spread for over a century Prävention Behandlung Würmer its composition.

Movements 19, 20 and 39 of the pasticcio are linked to Bach, the last of these three movements also demodekoz von Würmern Bach's predecessor in Leipzig, Johann Kuhnau. The arioso for bass voice "So heb ich denn mein Auge sehnlich demodekoz von Würmern is the 20th movement of the pasticcio.

In the second half of check this out 20th century it was attributed to Bach on stylistic grounds, and added as one of the Nachträge later additions to the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnisunder the number The demodekoz von Würmern is attributed to Bach, and may have been used, in Bach's time in Leipzig, as a funeral motet. Movements 24, 27, 30, 38, 40 and 42 of the pasticcio are chorale settings of the second and fourth to eighth verse of the hymn "Christus, der uns selig macht", the first verse of which had appeared in Telemann's setting in the second movement of the pasticcio.

Demodekoz von Würmern composer of these six movements is unknown, but often assumed to be Altnickol. The only extant manuscript of the pasticcio originated between and Where or when it may have been performed in the 18th century is not known. It is even just click for source possible that Bach assembled the pasticcio in the s demodekoz von Würmern a performance in Leipzig the Passion is in two parts as required for Leipzig Passion performances.

Wer ist der, so von Edom kömmt is set for soprano salto atenor t demodekoz von Würmern bass b vocal soloists, and a choir consisting of two soprano parts Saltos Atenors T and basses B.

The second soprano choral part wie kommt die Darmparasiten appears in the Bach-movement No. The bass and the soprano vocal soloists sing together demodekoz von Würmern the chorus in demodekoz von Würmern opening movement and in demodekoz von Würmern click movement respectively.

The demodekoz von Würmern consists of a basso continuo Bcplaying in demodekoz von Würmern movements, and a string section Strwith two violin parts Vl and a viola part, playing read more most movements.

Read article the tutti movements No. The traversos also accompany the soprano 1 part in No. Two Oboe d'amore players are required for Aria No. The first part of the Passion oratorio starts with the two Telemann movements, followed by 16 Graun movements, the last of which, a setting of demodekoz von Würmern "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden" hymn, concludes the first part.

The second part Nos. Both parts of the Passion-oratorio start with a chorus, and end with a chorale. The choir participates in 19 movements, ten of which are chorale settings. Soprano, alto and tenor each have three arias. The soprano soloist also sings in the tutti movement with chorus No. The bass singer has an aria and an arioso, and sings with the chorus in the opening movement. There are eleven recitatives, some of which demodekoz von Würmern continuo accompaniment exclusively, to be divided among the soprano, alto and tenor soloists.

In John W. Grubbs wrote a thesis about the pasticcio. Click at this page its score was published by Andreas Glöckner and Peter Wollny.

In the 21st century Farlau instead of his teacher Altnickol was identified as one of the scribes of the only extant manuscript copy of the pasticcio — which made previous assumptions regarding Altnickol's involvement with the pasticcio somewhat less probable.

Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag published the score of the pasticcio in as Passionskantate "Wer ist der, so von Edom kömmt" Pasticcio. The editors of this publication were Andreas Glöckner and Peter Wollny. The Kürbiskerne Würmern of the Demodekoz von Würmern manuscript D-B Mus.

The recording was released in by EMI, and re-issued in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from BC D The Music 17th—20th June at www.

Zur Rekonstruktion seiner liturgischen Praxis. Walter de Gruyter, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik Vol. Demodekoz von Würmern, 16 Junep. Kleine Ausgabe, nach der von Wolfgang Schmieder vorgelegten 2.

Preface in English and German. Questions demodekoz von Würmern authenticity in three motets attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach. The University of Arizona, Bach and demodekoz von Würmern German Motet. An eighteenth-century passion pasticcio based on a passion cantata of Carl Demodekoz von Würmern Graun.

University of California at Los Angeles, M. Masses, magnificat, passions and oratorios by Johann Sebastian Bach. Evangelist List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Read article. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View demodekoz von Würmern. This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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