Von Würmern Haar mascha-blankenburg.de - Wernher von Braun Dr. Wernher von Braun, 65, Dies. Dr. von Braun was called "one of the world's outstanding pioneers in the field of space exploration" by Dr. Alan Lovelace.

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Desktop notifications are on von Würmern Haar Turn off. Wernher von Broun, the German-born see more scientist whose rocketry enabled the United States to make von Würmern Haar first manned landing on the moon, died of cancer early Thursday at Alexandria Hospital.

A public announcement of his dealth was not made until yesterday at the request of the family. By then private services had von Würmern Haar held, attended by the family and a few close friends. He was admitted to Alexandria Hospital in May,and spent long periods there. His final von Würmern Haar there began last October.

He was not only a skillful engineer, but also a man of bold vision; mobilize and maintain the effort we needed to reach the moon von Würmern Haar beyond. We will continue to profit from his example. Despite the military applications of space technology, he was convinced throughout his life that knowledge gained from exploring space would be the salvation of the world. If a free von Würmern Haar cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich," he said.

The dramatic and technical climax of Dr. Armstrong and Edwin E. He wept von Würmern Haar the occasion. Almost three decades earlier, he von Würmern Haar the German effort that culminated in the notorious U-2 rocket bombs sent against Britain von Würmern Haar Hitler in the von Würmern Haar year of World War II.

More than 1, of the weapons - the "V" stood for "Vengeance" - landed on London and its suburbs. At the end of the war, Dr. The group, which numbered scientists, was hired by the U. Army to work go here rocketry in the United States. The move was von Würmern Haar Operation Paperclip.

The successful launching of Explorer I was a major development in the Cold War, in which psychology played as much of a part as technology. The Soviets had launched Sputnik I, the first earth satellite, Oct 4,and there was a please click for source need for the United states to show it could match the feat.

Rolf Engel, an associate who first met him insaid of him shortly after the Explorer I success:. It would be foolish to assign rocketry success to one person totally. Components must necessarily be the work of many minds. So must successive stages of development. He was, in addition, a deeply religious man, a student of history and literature, a family man who valued his privacy, and an outdoorsman and athlete who enjoyed such challenging sports as sailing and sail planing, mountain climbing, fishing and hunting.

Von Würmern Haar was von Würmern Haar ardent traveler. Four billion passengers - and no skipper. Thus, he was constantly seeking uses for space technology that he hoped von Würmern Haar make the world a less dangerous place. He saw these uses von Würmern Haar weather and communications satellites, the development of the computer industry and other spin-offs from space.

Read more von Würmern Haar took me von Würmern Haar a while to get accepted in this country.

And I ask you, where in the world would a man be given this chance except in America? Now I look on America as my home, and the home where my three children were born. His family had learn more here part of the East Prussian nobility for Würmer Nüssen, and one of his ancestors is said to have fought the Mongols at link battle of Liegnitz in She gave him a telescope at the time of his confirmation in the Lutheran Church.

He began experimenting with rockets while still a boy. His interest was further whetted von Würmern Haar reading "The Rocket to the Interplanetary Spaces" by Hermann Oberth, one of the earliest pioneers in the field and later a colleague of Dr.

Finding that the book consisted largely of mathematical equations he did not understand, the young von Braun set about learning mathematics, a subject in which he previously had shown little interest. He studied at the technical institutes in Zurich and Berlin and became an assistant to Prof. He helped Oberth conduct various experiments with small, liquid fueled rocket motors. During this period, Germany was still under the strictures of the Versailles Treaty concerning armaments Hitler had not yet come to power and set those strictures aside, and the German army was von Würmern Haar new weapons, including rockets, that were not on the prohibited list.

The Kummersdorf operation was commanded by Capt. Walter Dornberger, later a general and a colleague and friend until Dr. Dornberger reportedly said, "Do you von Würmern Haar what we accomplished today? As the war drew toward its close, Dr. The Operation Paperclip group was taken first to Ft. There its members continued work on V-2 rockets, but there was little interest then in American military and congressional circles in space explorations.

His first major success was the Redstone missile, named after the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville. The Redstone was first launched from Learn more here Canaveral, Von Würmern Haar. By the time the Soviets put the first Sputnik in orbit von Würmern Haar the autumn ofDr.

He intended from the first to use the Jupiter-C to put a satellite into orbit. The government had other plans. The Jupiter-C was an Army project, and it was decided that the Navy's Vanguard missile - as yet untried - would be used to launch the first American satellite in connected with the Geophysical Year. On the night that the Russians announced wenn verbannt Würmer bei Welpen success with Sputnik, Dr.

Confident that the Jupiter von Würmern Haar perform, Dr. In fact, it was decided that 90 days would be von Würmern Haar realistic, and the von Braun crew put Explorer I into orbit 84 days after receiving the go-ahead. In addition to demonstrating that American rockets had the power to put up a satellite, Explorer I carried instruments that led to the discovery by Dr.

Van Allen of a phenomenon that helps protect the earth. The Van Allen Belt, as it is called, is similar von Würmern Haar the earth's magnetic field and traps particles of matter in space. These filter out various cosmic rays and solar radiation that otherwise would hit the earth.

But what was important at von Würmern Haar time of the lauching - from a political point of view, among others - was the fact of the successful orbiting itself. For Explorer I followed a major U. This was the attempt on Dec. Before a national television audience, the giant rocket rose a few feet from its launching pad, turned sideways, von Würmern Haar crashed in billowing smoke and flames. Subsequently, the Vanguard was used successfully von Würmern Haar orbit three satellites,the last of which Volksheilmittel Würmer bei Kaninchen up Sept.

By then, other rockets were being designed and the Vanguard was abandoned. As the space race gained momentum amid pressure from the Cold war and later von Würmern Haar a desire to be first on the moon, Dr. But even while the Apollo moon flight program was under way, other national priorities loomed, and many thought that for the space program could be better spent on domestic programs.

But he was also sensitive to other national needs learn more here was at pains to demonstrate that space exploration was an enterprise that could benefit everybody. In July,Dr. Over the years, he was awarded more than a score of honarary degrees from colleges and universities in this country and abroad. He was author or coauthor of a dozen books and the recipient of numerous awards from the government and professional organizations.

Fred Singer, a professor at the University of Virginia and a friend and former von Würmern Haar of Dr. We in the scientific community both envy him for it and congratulate him on it," Singer said. Also surviving are two daughters, Iris and Margrit, and a son, Peter. The von Brauns made their home in Alexandria after von Würmern Haar to the Washington area. Turn on desktop notifications? Share on Google Plus. Von Würmern Haar von Braun, 65, Dies.

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Von Würmern Haar Dr. Wernher von Braun, 65, Dies - The Washington Post

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Dr. Wernher von Braun, 65, Dies. Dr. von Braun was called "one of the world's outstanding pioneers in the field of space exploration" by Dr. Alan Lovelace.
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